Behind The Scenes of Tilt’s “Panic Room”

About two weeks ago GJ Project posted the amazing pictures from Tilt’s latest and greatest project, “Panic Room”. The French graffiti writer painted this Panic Room at the Hotel Au Vieux Panier in Marseilles, France.  This hotel has adopted an awesome and unique concept in which every room they have is a designed by a different artist.  This project is Tilt’s contribution to the hotel. Big Addict brought us a behind the scenes look at Tilt, Tober, Grizz and Don Cho as they work through this amazing project.

Read what Tilt himself had to say about the project after the jump!
“For the little story, I did an installation at Celal Gallery in Paris last year where I re-created an old hotel room in the basement of the gallery and “destroyed” it with tags and throw ups. I come from the most classic Graffiti culture and from the beginning I loved walls, trains, gates, and roof tops full of tags. I think it shows the energy of a city and how some people decide to enjoy their public domain. When Jess, the owner of  Au Vieux Panier asked me to do that room, I first told her that I wasn’t interested in just decorating the room, but I wanted to create something that was more like an installation. I thought about it like a huge canvas where I needed to think about the composition and play with the empty white part of the room to accentuate the idea of chaos on the other part. Then I asked my friend Tober who has a great old school style for tags, Grizz who is also the man behind the camera (he’s also doing a video of the project that will come out soon) and Don Cho who is a Hip Hop singer from Marseille but who used to be a tagger from my home town Toulouse.

It took one week to do the whole thing because the idea was to exaggerate what you can usually see in some abandoned places. Too many tags, too many throw ups, too many drips.  What I also wanted to show is that people can appreciate any type of graffiti, even the more basic, the ugliest, it’s just a matter of point of view.” — Tilt



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