Weekend Round Up; Images Of The Week

We are back after a brief hiatus due to summer fun & work and we are ready to deliver with a (2-week) Weekend Round Up & Images Of The Week!

(Artist, Ludo. Photo and rights via)

Paris, France was treated to an array of great new street art over the past couple of weeks from a handful of artists. The piece above is by the famed French artist, Ludo, and is called, “Green Brigade.” Below are pieces by Ludo, Never 2501, Fin DAC and Ever. All photos and rights are via.



A few months ago Cope2 and Retna teamed up in the Bronx, New York and created an amazing mural. The mural ties in Cope2’s signature throw-up and Retna’s signature style with pastel coloration. This video gives us all some visuals from their collaboration.

(Artists, How & Nosm. Photos and rights via)

There is a ton of great art coming from the Wall Therapy Festival in Rochester, New York. This mural is How & Nosm’s contributions to the festival. The twin brothers call this mural, “See The Forest For The Trees.

Check out the Images Of The Week after the jump!

(Artist, Swampy. Photo and rights by Jaime Rojo / via)

(Artist, Unknown. Photo and rights by Jaime Rojo / via)

(Artist, Bumblebee. Photos and rights via)

(Artist, Conor Harrington. Photos and rights via)

(Artist, Ericailcane. Photos and rights via)

(Artist, Faith47. Photos and rights via)

(Artists, Icy & Sot. Photos and rights via)

(Artist, Nychos. Photos and rights via)

(Artist, Phlegm. Photos and rights via)

(Artist, Pixel Pancho. Photos and rights via)

(Artist, Pixel Pancho. Photos and rights via)

(Artists, Sainer & Bezt. Photos and rights via)

(Artist, Shaka. Photos and rights via)

(Artist, Steve Locatelli. Photos and rights via)

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