Weekend Round Up; Images Of The Week

HAPPY MONDAY! (trying to be optimistic) We hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready for what is to come this week! Ease into the new week with our Weekend Round Up & Images Of The Week.

(Artist, Damien Hirst. Photo and rights via)

The Olympics came to an end this weekend and artist Damien Hirst added an urban flare to the conclusion of 2012 Summer Olympics Games. Damien was asked to design a Union Jack for the ceremony and did not disappoint!

This story has been catching on in the social media world in the past few days but needs much more attention. British artist Stephen Wiltshire, who happens to have autism, drew New York City’s skyline from memory. Stephen has the unique skill of drawing from memory. He flew in a helicopter for only a couple of hours before heading into an art studio to begin drawing.  Stephen continued to draw for the next three days and the results and produced uncanny results.

The artist has done work like this in the past. He has drawn the skyline’s from other major cities in the world such as London, Rome, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Madrid, Dubai, Jerusalem and Frankfurt.

Stephen’s impressive, panoramic drawing will be placed in New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport.

(Artist, Stephen Wiltshire. Photo and rights via)

Do The Best You Can, And Never Stop.” – – Stephen Wiltshire

Check out the Images Of The Week after the jump!

(Artist, Ludo. Photo and rights via)

(Artist, Dave Rittinger. Photo and rights via)

(Artist, Unknown. Photo and rights via)

(Artist, fin DAC. Photo and rights via)

(Artist, INTI. Photo and rights via)

(Artist, James Kalinda. Photo and rights via)

(Artist, Laser 3.14. Photo and rights by wojofoto)

(Artist, Laser 3.14. Photo and rights by wojofoto)

(Artist, Laser 3.14. Photo and rights by wojofoto)

(Artist, Liqen. Photo and rights via)

(Artist, Mamtastico. Photo and rights via)

(Artist, NoseGo. Photo and rights by Conrad / via)

(Artist, Sam3. Photo and rights via)

(Artist, ZED1. Photo and rights via)

(Artist, Unknown. Photo and rights by number7cloud)

(Artist, Unknown. Photo and rights by r2hox)


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