Important Gallery Openings In New York City, New York

New York City is always playing host to great gallery shows from the world’s best artists. This is not breaking news but there is a few shows in a short period of time that we need to make sure everyone is aware of!


Made in Iran” – Opening last night, the Iranian brothers that make up Icy & Sot are currently holding their first solo show in the United States. The show will run through this Saturday, August 25th at New York City’s Open House Gallery. The address is 379 Broome Street.

(Artists, Icy & Sot. Photo and rights by Jaime Rojo)


Shitty Drawings In New York City” – Lush will open up his show featuring illustrations, comics and drawings this Saturday, August 25th at 47 Monroe Street in the Klughaus Gallery. The show will run for one week, ending on September 8th. I am sure the Australian artist will fill the room with witty, crude and controversial work.

(Artist, Lush. Official Gallery Flyers)


“A Word is Worth A Thousand Pictures” – Holding his first solo show in 7 years, Steve “ESPO” Powers will open up shop on September 6th until the 29th. The show will take place at the Joshua Liner Gallery on the 3rd floor of 548 W. 28th Street. Steve Powers is working hard in preparations for the show and will feature work covered with his clever witticisms and colorful word play and imagery. The work will all be done on aluminum canvas’ and will vary in size.

(Artist, Steve Powers. Photo and rights via)


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