Weekend Round Up; Images Of The Week

As much as we all wish it was not the case – – it is indeed Monday. BUT, that means we get to deliver you a fresh Weekend Round Up & Images Of The Week!

World-famous tape bomber and street artist, Aakash Nihalani has been asked to be part of Lisa de Kooning Artist In Residence Program in Long Island, New York. These pieces are part of his recent installations. Aakash killed it as he created these illusion pieces that incorporate his landscape.


     (Artist, Aakash Nihalani. Photos and rights via)

This awesome video is trying to create awareness in China to go green and promote environmental consciousness. Jody Xiong of DDB China and the China Environmental Protection Foundation teamed up to create this campaign. Pedestrians unknowingly gave life back to a bare tree through their foot steps. The aim was to remind people it can be just one of the benefits of walking versus driving.

Take a look at the Images Of The Week after the jump!

(Artist, Angry Woebots. Photo and rights via)

(Artist, Cruz. Photo and rights via)

(Artist, Celso. Photo and rights by Jaime Rojo / via)

(Artist, Ironmould. Photo and rights via)

(Artist, LNY. Photo and rights by Jaime Rojo / via)

(Artist, M-City. Photo and rights via)

(Artist, Mr. Thoms. Photo and rights via)

(Artist, Unknown. Photo and rights via)

(Artist, Pixel Pancho. Photo and rights via)

(Artists, Rojo Roma & Sam. Photo and rights via)

(Artist, Sage Vaughn. Photo and rights via)

(Artist, SHOK-1. Photo and rights SHOK-1)


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