Gregory Siff – “Matter Of Time” Exhibition

Awesome news for our friend Gregory Siff. The Brooklyn-born artist, who now calls Los Angeles, California home, has a new exhibition coming up at Gallery Brown in L.A.! The exhibit will feature a plethora of on new work from G. Siff. This will include his signature paintings and drawings on canvas’ and paper, as well as some new sculptures.

The exhibition will run at Gallery Brown from Saturday October 20th, 2012 until Saturday November 10th, 2012. If you are in the area we are telling you – – Do Not Miss Out On This One!Here is where you can find all things Gregory Siff:


– Facebook

– Twitter!/gregorysiff

– PainT The Movie

– Gregory Siff Store

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Gallery Brown seems pretty pumped to play host to Gregory’s exhibition; read what they had to say right after the jump!

Gregory’s distinct handmade style merges unique elements of abstraction, street, and fine art; his technique coalesces the voice of a fearless child with the wisdom of a seasoned warrior. His influences include Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, RETNA, Ray Johnson, RISK, David Shillinglaw, Louis XXX and his father.

Matter of Time is an examination of fame, idolatry, memory, determination, kingship and heart. Gregory’s half-whispered thoughts are painted out in full roars on found material, handmade panel and canvas.

Gregory’s first solo show in 2011, G, at La Fonderie in Los Angeles was quickly followed by There & Back at Siren Studio’s Rooftop Sessions to much acclaim. Commissions include The Standard Hotel and De La Barracuda Wall. In New York, his work was featured in The Deitch Projects Art Parades. His work has also been exhibited in London, Dublin, Italy and Vancouver, and has appeared in Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine, Paper Mag, The LA Times, Complex and Glamour. Most recently, Gregory won the 2012 Los Angeles Red Bull Curates: The Road to Art Basel, Miami where his work will be featured.

“I make paintings to hang on your wall, I play characters you meet in your dreams, and I write stories you heard when you were falling asleep as a kid.” – Gregory Siff

For further inquiry please contact Dina Brown at” – – Gallery Brown Press Release

(All photos and rights by Gregory Siff)


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