Tatzu Nishi – “Discovering Columbus” In New York City

This Saturday, GJ Project had the opportunity to check out the most exciting art installation in New York City right now. We are talking about Tatzu Nishi’sDiscovering Columbus” installation in NYC’s Columbus Circle. Tatzu created a faux living room around the iconic statue of Christopher Columbus that is situated in the middle of Columbus Circle!

The project is commissioned by the Public Art Fund, who helped Tatzu Nishi create the 810-square foot, fully furnished living room for the statue to live in. The temporary six-story high walk up living room is decked out with a flat-screen TV, a stocked book shelf, magazines and seating. All of the furnishings were provided by Bloomingdale’s. The wallpaper designed by Tatzu Nishi in the living room is also unique and features many American staples such as McDonald’s, Michael Jackson, hot dogs, the Empire State Building and more!

New York City’s Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, said the following about the installation:

It is really interesting. It’s different and it gives you a chance to up front and close view somebody that really had an enormous impact on the world. The view and the art work will knock your socks off, as they say. Being there is an exhilarating, once-in-a-life chance to take in some of New York City’s busiest streets and park in an entirely fresh vantage point and with entirely new eyes. You’ll also get a chance to see a statue close-up that really is an icon and none of us have seen face to face, until now.”

The installation will continue to run through Sunday November 18th, 2012. All visitors will have to reserve a time to go and can get their FREE tickets HERE!

Check out a lot more photos after the jump!!!

(All photos and rights by GJ Project)


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