Recap Of Gregory Siff’s “Matter Of Time” Exhibition


Gregory Siff’sMatter Of Time” exhibition at Gallery Brown in Los Angeles, California is coming to a close this Saturday, November 10th, 2012. Gregory’s latest show has been a huge success and it is no coincidence.

G. worked incredibly hard preparing for this show and made sure to deliver with nothing but the best. With that, he only collaborated with the best. “Matter Of Time” featured artwork collaborations by Gregory with the likes of RISK, 2wenty, Louis XXX and James Georgopoulos.

Gregory’s theme of “time” for the show got us speculating. If you recall, it was in an interview with GJ back in March 2012 that G. first mentioned stepping on a clock; a clock that he said had special meaning to him. Gregory’s quote is below:

“I stepped on a clock with my barefoot at 5:42 am under the moon/sun after my art show, There & Back. I stubbed out a cigarette in it. That clock means a lot to me.”

Is it that same broken clock that served as motivation for G. to present “Matter Of Time,” or was it just a funny coincidence? Maybe “Matter Of Time” is simply a reminder that it is never too late take a leap of faith in the direction of your dreams. Obtaining your goals and dreams isn’t impossible; it is just a matter of time.


Big thanks to Gregory for hooking GJ up with his exclusive photos from the exhibition. Check out MANY more after the jump!

Gregory X James Georgopoulos

Gregory X 2wenty

Gregory X Louis XXX

Gregory X RISK












Click on some of the photos to enlarge.

All photos and rights by Gregory Siff.

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One Response to Recap Of Gregory Siff’s “Matter Of Time” Exhibition

  1. Ashly Arroyo says:

    Loving these! Especially the Gregory X James Georgopoulos….a brilliant merge! I recently featured both of these artists in a film series, separately and now they are producing together…incredible. Check them out here…

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