Weekend Round Up; Images Of The Week

Avoid a case of the Monday’s by reading our Weekend Round Up & Images Of The Week!  Hopefully some of the stuff you see here will inspire you to have a day full of productivity & creativity!


(Artist, Ludo. Photos and rights by Ludo / via)

We have not heard from Ludo since May so it was nice to see the French street artist back at it in the streets of Paris, France this weekend.  This piece was fittingly entitled, “Beastie” by Ludo. It serves as a tribute to fallen hip-hop legend MCA and is a recreation of the classic 1986 Beastie Boys album cover from “Licensed to Ill.

Last week we showed you Shepard Fairey’s new “Rise Above” mural in Paris, France and told you it was the artists largest mural in Paris to date.  This video is an interview with Shepard Fairey about that very mural!

The Last item in our Weekend Round Up is an UPDATE concerning our GJ Project Etsy Shop. We have added new accessories; including stylish Knitted Bracelets and a Knitted Cell Phone Case. Check out these updates and all of our other products HERE!

Check out the Images Of The Week after the jump!

(Artist, Cyrcle. Photo and rights via)

(Artist, Dado. Photo and rights via)

(Artist, Ino. Photo and rights via)

(Artist, Interesni Kazki. Photo and rights via)

(Artist, Neve. Photo and rights via)

(Artist, Sego. Photo and rights via)

(Artist, ZED1. Photo and rights via)

(Artists, Overunder & Labrona. Photo and rights via)

(Artist, WAS. Photo and rights by Jaime Rojo / via)

(Artist, RAE. Photo and rights via)

(Artist, Unknown. Photo and rights by testpatem)


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